Saturday, August 1, 2009

Guilty Pleasure - Bad Mini Series

The summer mini series started out with a bang!

Impact as a series about an asteroid that hits the moon and causes the moon to move out of orbit. Unfortunately, the moon is now magnetic and on a collision course with Earth! Can you say drama. I actually enjoyed this mini series in my own geeky way...

So then Meteor comes out and I have extremely high expectations. OK... not high... but at least watchable expectations. Jason Alexander, after all, was in it. This movie was barely tolerable (and only because I was procrastinating).

Next comes the Storm. The I mean it is really really bad. Storm is so bad... that I don't know if I can finish it on Sunday, but my mission must continue I think that I'll have to foce myself to do so.

You can judge me now.. but please don't. Instead, watch it with me and blog about it on Monday. I promise it will be so bad thatyou will have a lot of material.

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