Sunday, August 2, 2009

Glorious Al Tiramisu... I've Missed You

Al Tiramisu is one of my favorite restaurants in Washington, but a few months ago they really angered me so I was on a boycott... a temporary boycott.

My family was in town to celebrate some birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, and my parent's anniversary. We were going to celebrate at Al Tiramisu. The problem was... it was graduation weekend. Anticipating this, I made reservations 4 weeks in advance. Yet when we showed up, nothing nadda niltch. Not only did they not have a reservation, they didn't try to work us in, they didn't apologize, and they commented that I hadn't been there in the last few weeks. I was mad.

Let me tell you something about my anger... I hold a grudge for a long time. I don't like it when I am not treated with respect. I am not a princess by any means (I would think / hope that most of my friends would agree) but I do have high expectations and I hold people accountable. If someone says they are going to do something, I expect that it will be done and that people will live up to their end of the bargain.

When Al Tiramisu didn't, I was mad and I boycotted them... for a few months.

So when I had some friends in town and a gift certificate to spend and a reason to celebrate, I thought that we should go back. I took a risk and we went. True to it's form, they did not disappoint. They commented that they were glad to have me back and they even gave me a nice walnut apperatif to try (yum) while others were eating desert.

So thank you for apologizing, thank you for treating my friends and family well... you're still on probation, but if you continue to improve, I will become a regular again.

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