Monday, August 3, 2009

Pet Peeve - Pole Leaners

For those of you who ride the Metro... or a subway, I know that you've seen them... Pole Leaners.

It always is inevitable that when I am looking for a place to hold onto during my commute, I have to look up to the high railing and not to one of the handy floor to ceiling poles. Some may call me vertically challenged, and for me to practically stand on my tip toes to reach the railing at the top of the car is not only dangerous (I have no grace and a slight tap on the brakes more often than not makes me fall... and fall into others) but it is unnecessary.

This morning I was looking for a place to hold onto (the train was crowded - standing room only) I was holding onto the top railing... when I looked around. There was a pole right behind me... Eureka! However, there was a leaner.

Let me digress and explain what a leaner is:
  1. A leaner is someone who is inconsiderate
  2. A leaner doesn't have respect for short(er) riders
  3. A leaner is usually male (sorry, but it's true, look around)
  4. A leaner thinks that the pole is for his back, not for the 20 people around him to hold on to.
  5. A leaner doesn't catch on to the fact that they are inconveniencing people... I try to subtly demonstrate this by grabbing the pole where he is leaning (no this is not a dirty statement).

Leaners annoy me because they are inefficient and cause pain to others. So to all of you leaners out there.... STOP. Be considerate of others and remember the leaning rule... Leaning on poles bad... leaning on flat surfaces (such as a wall) good... leaning on a door will get you kicked off the train and pummeled by your fellow passengers when the train has to off-load because the doors aren't working properly.

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telisa said...

grrr i also hate leaners i wanted to hit someone this morning over leaning