Thursday, July 9, 2009

Straight Man... With a Mutt... In Dupont!!! (Did I mention he is single?)

Who knew that existed?!? Because I certainly didn't.

The other day I was walking Rockne (and I even had another encounter this morning) and I ran into a guy walking a dog in Dupont. Here are the usual scenarios:
  • Guy walking a small (prissy) dog and doesn't look happy about it - Walking the girlfriends dog because he wants to get some action
  • Guy proudly walking his pug - Single but not datable because I'm convinced a pug isn't a real dog, it is a cross between a dog and a pig (you can't even play with them).
  • Guy walking a dog - Probably gay... (again not datable). This is the category of Rockne's friends. The men are trying to help me out, but now it is just a running joke.
  • Girl walking two dogs - My neighbors (I think I'm the only one with one dog, the rest have two... interesting)
  • Guy walking a normal (mutt-esque) dog - What? They don't really exist in Dupont!

So that is the typical scenario of the dogs I run into. I can tolerate all (except the pug man... I mean really!). But then, like magic a guy appeared. He had a mutt, named Morgan (I think) and he was normal (at least I think so). We were talking about all of the dog places to hang and the best dog parks. I even ran into him this morning.

Maybe it's fate... I'll keep you updated.

Lesson Learned: Good things come to those who wait... and wait... and wait...

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