Friday, July 10, 2009

A Modern Bar... For the Modern Woman

Last weekend I went to H-Street Country Club and it was FUN! I enjoyed the bar because it had activities (including.. mini golf, skeeball, shuffleboard, and pool). I like bars with activities because I easily get bored just standing around... and let's be honest, I like competition. So I began thinking... what would a bar be like for this modern woman?

Here are the 10 key elements for this modern woman's bar (a little bit of fun, a splash of relaxation, and a lot of beer):
  1. Two Words - BEER PONG. Yes, I love beer pong, and it is glorious, so my bar would have beer pong in it. And not just any tables, but regulation tables, with official solo cups (only those have the right bounce to the rims). I would also have qualifications for the Beer Pong World Series. I think that I'd need at least 8 tables (because there are never enough and I hate waiting to play beer pong).
  2. One Word - Trivia. Not the extremely hard trivia, but the fun trivia, like who sang this song.. not what is the meaning of life. I think I'll make it a trivia corner, with comfy chairs.
  3. There should be a place for pedicures (in the back) so you can relax and have a martini. Yes you can judge me now, but doesn't it sound nice.
  4. A dance floor where you can learn how to dance... like a line dancing night, a salsa night, an irish jig, etc. Maybe this is just for me because I like to try new things and I'm a terrible dancer (but oh do I love it so!)
  5. Shuffle board and Skeeball - Some ideas are just too good not to have around.
  6. At a designated time, I'd like to have quarter dogs. Quarter dogs are from College when at midnight, the student center would sell hot dogs for a quarter... With inflation, but dollar dogs?
  7. Jell-O Shots, because you can always say yes to a Jell-O shot.
  8. Cornhole - I can set up allies in my bar so we can play. I'd put various colleges on the boards and you could pick the one that you want.
  9. A Notre Dame football corner - because I just can't help myself.
  10. Last, but certainly not least, I'd have a LARGE outdoor area with sand (like a beach) and a tiki bar for people to relax, dance in the sand and listen to music.

Doesn't that sound like a place you'd like to hang out? Let me know if you would like to invest...


Anonymous said...

just had to let you know that in Cali there was a bar that had martinis & manicures monday. It was fabulous


Rosey said...

I was totally loving this bar, esp number 4, but number 9 totally ruined it for me. Awful.

And also, you'd have to call it Bags because cornhole doesn't quite go with the whole "modern woman" thing.

Amy O'Connor said...

I love any bar where you can drink and get your nails done. heaven