Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pet Peeve: Unemployed Friends - I mean seriously... what's up with the world

Unfortunately the list of unemployed friends seems to grow by the day. I mean seriously? What the crap is going on?

My friends, and I am bragging here, are extremely smart, innovative, and capable, yet somehow they are unemployable? This doesn't make sense to me, if only I had some power...

Case in point. A friend of mine is a lawyer and was applying to be counsel of a Senate Sub-Committee. Apparently the application process is rigorous and involves writing, and rewriting, and rewriting again briefs for the committee. And this was over a weekend (also it conflicted with my Cajun night... but I'm over that). It was almost a month of doing free work and then nothing, no job... nadda. The post was filled internally.

Case in point. I have another friend who was a political appointee under Bush (curses!) and has been on a trillion job interviews, looking for everything from an assistant to project management, to folding clothes to a receptionist. I can't tell you how many times the words "I don't think we're filling the position" has been uttered.

These are just two examples and I mean come'on, surely there has to be a job out there. What I am really concerned about it that my friends can't get jobs, the government is spending us (and by us I mean my generation, the 20-somethings) into such debt that none of us will have jobs when we're 50 because we'll be in so much debt and the tax rate so high that it won't make sense to work because the opportunity cost is so great. That... or we'll all be manufacturing toys to ship to China / India (a complete reversal of roles). That's a thought isn't it.

Enough of my tirade... Please hire my friends

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