Monday, June 1, 2009

Lessons Learned - Kickball

During kickball on Saturday, I learned many lessons.

Lesson Learned - When volunteering to referee, it is easy to distract first base player. Should I start volunteering more often in hopes of creating a new dating strategy?

Lesson Learned - When you are having an on kickball game, your team captains will think that you can do more that you are really capable of... like sliding. I was on second base and I was poised to score my third run of the game (yes I was on fire) when the third base coach started yelling at me... "Amy... Amy... (thankfully it wasn't Amy Baby!!!!) if I do this (hand motion pointing to the ground) it means slide... if I do this (circular arm motion going towards home)... it means go home." My response was "No Fing way and I'm on it". Well the ball is kicked (apparently I have a lot of gas in my tires) and I start running... let me digress by catching up everyone on my lovely grace... of which I have none. So it was close. I was running into third... they were already counting me as out. The "coach" wasn't telling me to slide (I think he was scarred of me) and was just counting me out... when I did the unthinkable. I slid into third. Saved an out and eventually scored my third run of the game. Now let me clarify, I could claim that I am an extremely competitive person and my competitive laurels took over and my reaction was automatic. However, this would not be accurate (at least I don't think it would). I am 80% sure I just fell, but it looked awesome. Who knows the truth... but the reality is, I have some wicked bruises today.

Lesson Learned - When drinking alot at 4pm on Saturday make sure you rehydrate and get a supportive friend like Drew to encourage you to go out. Otherwise, you'll have a headache and miss a great night. I'm too sold for this s**t.

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Rosey said...

I think falling awesomely is almost the same as grace.