Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Because I can be extremely anal, I have decided to focus my blog. Hopefully, this will provide me with a framework and keep me on task (did I mention I was anal).

My plan - focus on 6 key areas:
  1. Lessons Learned - Because if you're not first you're last
  2. Catch Phrases - Random things I tell myself that seem to catch on
  3. Mission - What my mission of the moment is - currently it is sailing
  4. A Modern Woman - Inspired from my Memorial Day outing, I want to talk about what a modern women should and should not be doing... at least from my perspective.
  5. Pet Peeves - When I see someone or something that is just wrong (like a guy rocking out a letter jacket - seriously - from 1993 on the metro) and I have to judge (what can I say, it keeps me entertained).
  6. Random thoughts / sightings / outings

If you have any other areas of focus... please suggest them

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