Friday, June 19, 2009

Am I a Freak of Nature??

Grace set aside... Weird things happen to me physically.

Case in point - I traveled to Cincinnati for my cousin Jim's wedding. It was a gorgeous ceremony and a fantastic outdoor reception with a fun DJ (no comments on my dancing ability or lack there of...). However my eye started acting up.

The odd this is, it wasn't my eye that was sore earlier in the week, it was my left eye. It just kept watering and it felt like there was a rock stuck somewhere in my eye. At first I'm sure people thought that I was just emotional because of the wedding - my tears and all. But they it just didn't stop (getting to the point of ridiculous) getting worse.

At first people thought I had pink eye - what am I five? But then when I woke up the next day it was completely swollen shut. Now who does that happen to in really life? It looks like someone punched my in the eye (how embarrassing).

I thought the drama I was going to bring to the wedding was my flamboyant lifestyle I instead it was my gross swollen eye. Cheers!

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