Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pet Peeves - Eighties Eighties Go Away...

And come again another day???

Ok, like I've previously stated, I'm a fan of the eighties... At least a fan of certain parts of the eighties - mainly the music. But eighties... Can you please leave some of what made you unique behind??? Pretty please?

I was walking home from the metro the other day when I saw a man with eighties hair (think David Lee Ross), a black t-shirt, jeans, and a taupe blazer. You may be thinking right now... Amy... Don't judge, you're just being critical. Well, let me assure you I'm not!!!

The man had decorated his jeans and shirt in what I can only describe as puffy paint that was smeared. It was a rainbow of colors (and no! He wasn't someone in Dupont who you might expect to be flamboyant). The only redeeming quality about his "decorations" were that at least he didn't use fluorescent colors!

Let me describe this paint job in a little more detail. He had layer after layer of splotches on his jeans from mid-thigh to his shin. His shirt was just decorated in the middle. It looked like a modern / impressionistartist was having a nervous breakdown.

Ok... Enough judging for now. I'm saving my big 80's rant for the first woman I see wearing shoulder pads!

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