Friday, June 19, 2009

A Modern Woman - Lesson Learned

Aren't you excited for a blog entry about two of your favorite topics... A Modern Woman and Lesson Learned...? I know that I am.

I was begin a Modern Woman the other day and taking a break from my life. I decided to go to the movies. (Note: I saw the Hangover and it is quite possible one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Not sure if it was because it was just that funny, or that I've been to Vegas and could totally see these things happening or what, but I highly recommend you see it).

However, being a busy Modern Woman, I need to multi-task. On the way to the movies, I stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond so that I could pick up a cast iron pot. I don't know if you own any cast iron... but a cast iron pot is HEAVY! Good thing that the movies are just upstairs. So I get my ticket and I'm lugging this pot around (this is how a Modern Woman gets her arm workout) and sit down to enjoy the movie.

After the movie (it was packed), I'm still carrying this ungodly heavy pot and waiting for the people to clear so I can exit. (A Modern Woman is never late, but very punctual. Unfortnately I was so punctual, I had to sit at the top corner of the theatre). So I'm waiting... and waiting... and waiting. This guy in the row in front of my keeps looking at me all weird... let's call him Suit Guy. Probably because it looks like I'm about ready to drop this heavy package on my foot. Apparently Suit Guy was the only gentleman in the entire movie theatre.

We reached the end of the row at the same time... we were still waiting to exit (note... Suit Guywas with three other women, but they didn't look like they belonged together). We got to the end of the row and Suit Guy said, "Looks like you have something heavy, why don't you go in front of me?" Well, if you know me, I'm all for chilvary, but in this case it didn't matter and I was worried if I stepped in front of him, I'd trip - not completely out of the realm of possibilities and then there would be a massive domino effect down the stairs - so I politely declined making a joke that I'm not going anywhere regardless and that Suit Guy and his group can go ahead.

But Suit Guy still kept looking at me oddly... the kind of feeling you get when you have a stalker or know that someone is watching you. Fifteen minutes later, I exit the theatre and decide I should probably go to the restroom. The Suit Guy walks towards the escalators with the girls. I'm still in the lobby trying to decide which restroom to use. I decide on one and on my way the Suit Guy, smoothly, slips me his number. Interesting I think.

So I finish and I walk towards the escalator. Here there is another Suit Guy (I think... but it could have been the same person, it was kinda dark and I wasn't weating my glasses so I can't be sure and to be honest, I was really confused at this point). He gets on the escalator just in front of me but when we hit the platform, he does this weird maneauver and ends up on the escalator behind me (somehow). Now I am just really really confused.
  • Was this the same Suit Guy giving me odd looks in the movie theatre?
  • Whose number did I really get? A third Suit Guy's?
  • Are they brothers?
  • Am I on Candid Camera?
  • What the crap is going on?
So I'm walking towards the Metro and I still feel like I'm being stalked... now I'm just a little creeped out. So now I have a number from some Suit Guy, but I don't really know which one... I'm so confused. What should I do.

Lesson Learned - A Modern Woman should never be afraid to go to the movies and run errands. You never know who you'll meet. Next time, be sure to wear your glasses so that you don't get confused amongst all of the cute Suit Guys with odd behavior.

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