Thursday, May 28, 2009

A New Sport?

It is well known that I can't sit still and like to be doing a lot of things. Well... keep this in mind when you read about a new sport I was trying to invent... Kayak Volleyball.

I was at the lake last weekend and the only things we had to play with in the water were kayaks and a beach ball. After paddling around for 10 minutes I was bored and thought to myself how can I make this more fun... AH HA! Make it more challenging.

So I paddled back onto the dock and ran all the way up to the house to grab a beach ball (note to self, before you commit, make sure others are on board). I jumped (gingerly) back into my kayak and paddled out to the rest of the guys on the water (we had a total of three kayaks).

I came racing out and they looked at me with bewilderment in their eyes, what in the world was I doing with a beach ball...? In my crazy mind, I was thinking, we have boats, a big floatable ball, and paddles, let's play volleyball. Doesn't that sound like fun? Well it did to me.

Upon first attempt to play... I threw the ball well, but when it came back to me, SPLASH!!! I fell into the water (not suprising if you know me right?).

When discussing this game with a friend after the weekend, she responded "yeah, that would take a LOT of coordination and grace" truthfuly implying that I have none. I guess it wasn't such a good sport to invent after all.

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