Thursday, May 28, 2009

Three Strikes and You're Out!!!

It is not a secret that my life is carefully balanced... I work a lot... and go to school. Sometimes this means that I am exhausted on the weekends. In derference to this challenge, I have adopted a three strikes and you're out rule when it comes to men. Let me give you an example.

I was at a friend's house one weekend for a party and we were playing some drinking games to let off steam after finals. There was a nice guy there, who if I'm not mistakin' was trying to woo me. Unfortunately he hit three strikes quickly and it was all down hill from there.

Strike 1 - He doesn't like sports. This can be overlooked because while I enjoy sports I am not a fanatic. My mother, on the other hand, listens to ESPN every day and can rattle off the stats to just about anything. This I cannot do, however, I enjoy football season and love being around the sports atmosphere. As I'm meeting more and more guys on the east coast, I've noticed that they're not that into sports. Perhaps this is a mid-western thing because there is nothing else to do in the midwest... I'm still investigating this.

Not a strike but an annoyance... My friend lives in the woods, there are a lot of bugs. I get that most girls don't like bugs, I am not a huge fan, but I can hold my own. To set the stage... my friend had a bunch of catepillers around her house... they were everywhere. At one time or another I would find them crawling around on me. No big deal, I'd kick or pick them off. When the 'hero' showed up, I found a catepiller on me and removed it. He made a grandiose gesture of killing it for me. Now while this is way over the top... it made me laugh, because instead of killing a creepy gross spider, he killed a catepiller that would have been a butterfly. So while I appreciate his motives, I didn't agree with his tactics --> this is why it is almost, but not quite a strike.

Strike 2 - He called me "Amy Baby!!!" Now this normally would have be a fatal wound... and three strikes in one, but I was feeling generous and giving him the benefit of the doubt. But seriously "Amy Baby!!!!" I'm still a little upset about that. I think that if you meet me for more than 2 minutes, you'll know that it is not OK to call me "Amy Baby!!!". Maybe if I know you well and we're joking around it is OK, but likely it is not. (For the record... this was the killer strike).

Strike 3 - My friend started a wonderful bonfire and I wanted to enjoy it. So the two of us went to go sit by the fire. I sat on a row of bricks and she carried over a chair. A few minutes later a larger group came to join us. They sat on the grass, except for 'hero' who decided to sit on the bricks with me. I have no problem with his intent (I suppose) but the execution was flawed. Instead of sitting next to me, he decided to straddle the bricks and sit behind me. This was NOT OK! Fortunately, the canopy covering my friends deck chose this moment to fly off (gotta love karma) and I ran to go fix the situation. Phew!

Just a warning, I have a high tolerence but three strikes and you're out (and I don't even like baseball).

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