Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day - Lessons Learned

Because I have awesome friends who planned a great weekend, I was insipired to re-start my blog based on the activities of the weekend. I now must share the time honored-tradition of lessons learned with the Beltway Gang... here is what we learned over the weekend:

  1. Lesson Learned - Don't throw a beer can into fire, wait 5 minutes for it to explode and when you get bored... instead of just waiting... poke it. Lesson Learned - Someone really wants shoulder pads to come back into fashion

  2. Lesson Learned - When starting a fire with wet wood do the following: burn a phone book, make a jet, blow... a lot, and wait for the wood to dry out so that it will eventually work. Don't steal the matches / lighter and go pass out - a modern gentleman wouldn't do that. I've already received several comments from this... "blow... a lot, and wait for the wood to dry out so that it will eventually work" - That's what he said, my response... - That's what he hoped.

  3. Lesson Learned - After a long weekend of relaxing, do not think you're a modern woman and try to fix your own air conditioner because you have a book that says "How to Fix Everything"... you'll just end up with more holes in the ceiling, shocking yourself, having a dog so hot he's half dead. When consulting with a friend who helped me a lot at my old house, he used words like "what were you thinking... did you fix the leak... does it need recharged... do you need refrigerant..." Did I hear a niner in there? because my book did not describe any of this

  4. Lesson Learned- a 20 inch child size swimming tube will barely fit one's ass, but will allow one to float chest deep in water. To that I say... Touche

  5. Lesson Learned- Bring a flashlight. You can then go back to the house to use the bathroom. It is better then hoping you don't fall off the boat while going number 1 at 2 am in mixed company. Note: At least you had some nice music to accompany you.

  6. Lesson Learned - Don't fall out of the kayak... there is no way you're getting back in and people will have to tow you back to shore - confirmed twice. Fortunately it wasn't as dangerous as this... can you imagine?!?

  7. Lesson Learned - Don't leave at 2pm on a holiday weekend, you'll just end up sitting in traffic (moving one mile in two hours), having to go to the bathroom, and worried you'll run out of gas. Better idea - wait until the evening and ride with someone else to keep you company. There is only some much Justin Timberlake you can listen to.

It was great to get out of DC and be back with nature. My favorite part of the weekend (besides falling out of the kayak) was meeting new friend and walking out to the dock at night when the stars were shining brightly. It was magestic. Makes me want to rent out the place for Labor Day. It was also nice to be on the water. I wish I had a sail boat, but alas no one on the lake has a sail boat. I am not sure if this is because it is a man-made lake (built for a nuclear power plant -- don't worry we were on the cold side of the lake) or if they just can't sail (because I can confirm that there was enough wind to sail) but it was disappointing. My next mission is to find somone with a sail boat who will take me out on the water. I'll update you on my mission status soon (I hope).

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