Thursday, March 5, 2009

Eric Fingerhunt

Talk about an unfortunate last name.

I was standing in line waiting to get my breakfast when the guy in front of me whipped out his wallet to pay. I saw his employee ID and it said his name was "Eric Fingerhunt". I couldn't contain myself. I was giggling like a schoolgirl. He turned around to look at me (because I was being inappropriate) and then that made me laugh even harder.

I figured by now the family would have changed the name to someting like Fingerhut or Hunt or Hunter... oooo that would be worse...Fingerhunter.

Anyway, I'm stopping now, please post your comments below because this is just frickin' hilarioius.

Comments so far on this name:

Friend 1
Ha ha... so my first thought is to Google his name just to see what images come up, although I'm afraid to do that at work.

And seriously. Fingerhunt? Most last names relate back to some profession or characteristic of the original person... like Richardson was the son of Richard. What exactly was this guy's deal that made him get Fingerhunt? Was he the best at finding the bones in a fish fillet? Was his pinky a divining rod? Did he invent the "come here" gesture? Maybe he's the guy who first discovered the G-spot. And you know, many last names were changed as immigrants got off the boat. I'm totally squeamish about nicknames for female genitalia, but there are a couple nasty ones that sound dangerously close to "hunt."

Friend 2
I'm undecided that if you change the h to a c whether it would be more or less fortunate.

Friend 3
That depends on your gender.

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Rosey said...

Ha ha, I'll claim my status as Friend 1. But I'm very disappointed to find that Google Image search was not nearly as exciting as I thought it would be.

Words of Wisdom: When you turn off SafeSearch, MAKE SURE you turn it back on. Especially if you're going to search for cute hairstyles.

Excuse me while I go disinfect my laptop.