Friday, March 6, 2009

Escalator Dilemma

I was going about my usual routine in the morning, get up, walk the dog, and then walk to the Dupont Metro when a horrific scene unfolded in front of me. For those of you who don't know, the Dupont circle escalators are supposedly the longest escalators in North America (apparently Russia's are much longer to provide shelter from a nuclear war... gruesome thought). I saw a
guy sitting down on an escalator going for a ride.

Background - When I was younger my brother and I were shopping with my mom and his winter boots got sucked into the escalator (between the stairs and the side) and my mom heroically had to pull out his foot before it was crushed at the bottom of the stairs.

After seeing him enjoy the ride, the only thought that crossed my mine was run down the escalator quickly before he gets sucked into the side and I have to help pry the bloody mess out and ruin my outfit. I figured it I was on the platform, then it wouldn't be my problem and the other people on the escalator would have to deal with him. But seriously, who doesn't know not to sit there? He was a grown man.

I didn't hear of any reports that a man was sucked into the escalator... so all appears well.

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