Monday, March 2, 2009

Why I appreciate my study group - Anna

There are a lot of fun things about Anna. Anna will try just about anything (notice the picture on the left. Anna decided to slide down the metro escalator during the pub crawl - Do Not Try This at Home) and will have a good time doing it in the process. Somehow, Anna can manage work, school, and still find time to go out with friends. I really admire her for that because half of the time I'm so exhausted that all I want to do over the weekend is catch up on my sleep. Another reason to appreciate Anna - Rockne LOVES her. When Aunt Anna is over, then I cease to exist. I know that Rockne has great taste ;-). I also think that Anna is a Hoosier at heart (for those of you non-Hoosier, a Hoosier is someone from Indiana).

Anna is always up for new adventures. When I was looking for someone to come with me to the Notre Dame vs. Navy game, she is the first one that I called and she said YES! What is even more impressive, when it started pouring rain and a lake was forming on her lap, she suggeted we get another beer. I love it! Her next question was, "Can I go to a real Notre Dame game?" I was explaining to her that the ND game in Baltimore was not nearly as exciting as the ND game in South Bend. So we're hitching up to the Bend in October for the Washington Game (she is an alum). She is also joining me for the Indianapolis 500 road trip (Kate is coming too).

I think Anna is a Hoosier (yes this is a compliment) because she is always smiling, isn't afraid to jump in puddles, and loves to explore new frontiers / countries (yes Indiana can get boring and sometimes you have to leave, but you always come back, appreciating what you left behind... well maybe).

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