Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why the wind is awkward

I think Washington, DC may challenge Chicago for the nickname of the "Windy City" lately. Or... maybe I'm just wearing the wrong type of dresses.

Regardless... the wind makes things awkward. At first, I thought it was just for women and skirts blowing up Marylin Monroe style.  We'll call this skirt drafting. BUT... after talking to a guy about this, apparently it is also awkward for the men.

Let's explore and vote on who has it more awkward with a skirt drafting incident.

The case for women having it more awkward.. We're exiting the metro and we're in the sweet spot of the wind tunnel.  You're trying to make it to the escalators and whoosh! your dress flies up,  We're constantly walking around holding our skirt down so the wind doesn't catch you off guard.  If something does fly up... we're the ones exposed (literally).  There are too many grates in the city with up-drafts. Also, I am a klutz... this happens to me a lot.

The case for men having it more awkward... They're not sure if they're allowed to look or not.  Are other men judging them looking?  What if they get slapped by a girl for looking?  Are they supposed to do anything if it happens?

Ok... so my case for men is much worse than the case for women... but it is there.

Vote... Discuss

Just in case you don't know... in any situation you should pull out the awkward turtle... video instructions here:


CW said...

More awkward for women.

I might be cut from a different dude cloth, but I don't find looking awkward at all. Blame Mother Nature, not my eyes.

telisa said...

more awkward for women for sure. we don't have as much of a choice if we're exposed or not (unless you wear pants alot). guys have the choice to look away or not. i expect them to look which and i adjust my underwear accordingly haha. btw DC is no where near as windy as chicago even on its windiest of days.