Sunday, April 24, 2011

Why the women of DC should boycott Towhnhouse Tavern

Last night something happened that should not have happened in any circumstance. As a result... I am calling for a boycott on Townhouse Tavern.  Your first response may be... why in the heck did you go to Townhouse. The answer is logical, albeit not the best. I was eating dinner around the corner and wanted to play pool with some girlfriends.  It seemed simple enough.

My two friends and I went into Townhouse and got in line to play pool... like you do. There was a group of guys on the table.  They were older, but were going to let us play.  Keep in mind... one of my friends is a pool shark. She is good.

Warning Sign #1 - It should have been a signal to me when normal guys came in wanting to play pool and these older men got in their face and pushed them out of the room.

So we played pool (just the two of us) and then the guys wanted to play with us.  I am committed to improving my pool skills, so as long as my girlfriend and I were on the same team, it was ok with me.

Warning Sign #2 - The guy buys us some Miller Lite's... but not really since apparently he owns the bar. He kept telling me this over and over.

Warning Sign #3 - The guy kept calling us baby.  My friend asked him about five times to stop it.  He didn't.

We kept playing... and by we, I mean her because at this point I didn't want anything to do with the pool guys.  I started talking to my other friend.  This is when it quickly escalates.

The owner comes up to me and pins me back and gets in my face.  Starts yelling at me.  My non-pool playing friend is watching this with shock on her face.  At this point in the night, I had only said that I am terrible at pool. Those were the only words I spoke. Granted I was pulling away from the game, but he kept calling me a dumb bitch and kept getting really really really close.  Telling me how smart he was... don't remember all of the details, but it was fairly threatening.

Then he asked where I was from.  For some reason, when I responded, "Indiana" it calmed him down.  But not for long. He kept telling me he was the owner of the bar and I should come back more because people who come to the bar a lot... well... they will kill for each other (keep in mind... the guys was in my face yelling at me).  I said, "I already have friends who will do that for me." (Thank you Charles and Dan).  Then it really escalated.

The normal guys (who were still in the bar) looked over with concern on their face. I had a decision to make... calm him down (which I could have done) or walk away.

I left my full beer (I know... who leaves a full beer) on the bar and literally ducked out and walked straight out of the bar and away.  There was no way my friends could keep up, so I texted them while I sat on the curb.  Telling them not to say and word and just get out of there.  They did.

Bottom line... the owner was very drunk, got in my face in a very threatening and close way for no reason.  I have two full-on stalkers, but this was the time that I actually felt threatened (as opposed to merely creeped out).  Ladies... please boycott the bar.  This behavior is unacceptable and should NEVER be tolerated.

In the end, the night was fine.  My friend said, "Gee Amy, I need to come out with you more because really weird things happen around you and it keeps things interesting." I couldn't agree more.  Although... guy friends be forewarned... I'm going to start recruiting you as bodyguards for the next few weeks.  I will offer beer and food in return for your services.  Thank you in advance for your help.

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