Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Speaking of Sailing


I went sailing the other day with some people from work. It was amazing. We had an enormous schooner to ourselves and we got to work the boat.  It was a beautiful day to sail.  We had the wind roaring along the Chesapeake and we were flying at 15 knots. It felt good to be back with the wind, the water, and not a care in the world.  

While we were out on the water, I saw a bunch of the Navy Cadets practicing sailing (yes I was watching the start and critiquing how I'd do it).
I also saw some of the yachts getting ready for the Wednesday night series.  When I am no longer in school, I would love to be able to sail in the Wednesday night series.  Can you imagine anything better than sailing in the middle of the week.  It would surely releive stress and get you ready for the rest of the week.
Finally, what sail would be complete without an ice cold beer (boy do I look disheveled, but it was worth it... lots of wind does not equal pretty hair).  

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