Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sore, Bruised and Muddy- The Return on MNF

It is on very rare occasions that I have a truly brilliant idea.  Last night, one of those ideas come to fruition. As a result, I ended up slightly worse for the wear but in such a good way.  As many of you know, I love football. It is my favorite time of year.  In fact, because I couldn't wait any longer, I had to watch Rudy last weekend to get into the football mood.

Anyway, I started an informal football game on Monday nights. Last night was our inaugural night.  We had a total of eight people show up (which shockingly was perfect) - 5 guys and 3 girls.  We played right next to the Washington Monument so that we could look down the Mall towards WWII Memorial and Lincoln.  The White House was also front and center.  I have a feeling this will be one of those memories that I'll look back on in twenty years and say... I remember playing football in one of the coolest places in our country (possibly even cooler than playing it in Notre Dame Stadium).

The game proceeded on wet, muddy grass.  At first we tried to find a drier spot (there was none) and then we realized that it was a talent equalizer.  So for the tall fast men out there, you've got nothing on a feisty slow girl in the mud.  I'm going to give you an analysis of the players (but from a Notre Dame football perspective because that is really what I know).  Next week, I'll convince one of my friends to take real pictures of us playing (and well me falling).

My Team (Amy, Dana, Ron, Phil)

Amy - You can just call me Tom Zbikowski, an amazing free safety from Notre Dame.  I had numerous interceptions (despite being vertically challenged). Also, he wore my favorite number - #9.

Ron - He was more of a Jeff Samardzija because at the end of the game, he made a great catch in the end zone. Just like Samardzija did at a Notre Dame vs. Purdue game (yes I still remember that amazing catch).

Dana - She was a stealthy fighter.  You didn't know she was there until she came up to kick your ass.  Oddly enough, she was the only one who didn't eat dirt. Dana is also short and scrappy, just like one of my favorite receivers - Julius Jones. Oddly enough, he dates one of my college roommates.

Phil - Was really the coach of the team.  He play QB some (I ended up playing the most only because I couldn't stay upright if I played a receiver) but he was setting up plays and strategy.  Because I am not a fan of Jimmy Clausen, I'm going to call him Brady Quinn.

The Others (Katie, Chris, Mike, Leland).

Katie - I'm pretty sure she groped my several times while blocking and I have scratches on my back (and she is the prime suspect). She reminds me on Manti Te'o the up and coming ND defensive back.  He takes no prisoners and doesn't let anyone by him.

Chris - He reminded me of Arnaz Battle.  A former ND quarterback who is now playing wide receiver at the Steelers. Chris could do anything, pass, catch, and sacrifice for the team.  He laid out in the end zone and it really looked like it hurt.

Mike - He reminded me of Jerome Bettis (or "The Bus").  He just pushed his way through any situation to make a play happen. Oddly enough, you may know him from his glory day on the Steelers.  I also just realized that Katie is a huge Steelers fan.. ironic that I picked two ND / Steelers players to represent her team.

Leland - Leland is one of those players that you don't know if schooling you until he completely kicks your ass. He was phenomenal on offense but really shined in defense with his fair share of interceptions and agility.  He reminded me of Rocky Boiman a legendary ND linebacker who was a real play maker.  Also, Rocky was one of the smartest people I knew in college (just like Leland).

You may ask who won.  I am pretty sure we ended up being tied after two hours, but because I was knocked around a lot on the field, I can't be sure. To me, it doesn't really matter, we had a great time, we got really dirty, and we had some cold beer after the game.  I hope that you can join us next week.  Same time, same place.

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