Saturday, August 14, 2010

10pm is my vulnerable time

Just to throw it out there, 10pm is when I am at my weakest.  I usually get up at 5:30 am, go for a long walk with my dog.  I go to work, then I go to school.  by the time I am coming home from school (I usually walk home), I've already had a very long day.  This is usually around 10pm.

Apparently this is when I'm at my most vulnerable. My brain isn't working and you can convince me to do anything.  Want me to have a beer? Want to borrow my car? Want to hit on me (for the record, I don't like it when guys hit on me, it creeps me out)?  Then 10pm is prime time.

If you catch me earlier, I am on the top of my game.  I am focused, but all of my senses dwindle when my body wants to go to bed.  Unfortunately, I don't usually have the luxury of  going to bed that early and I have to make dinner, do some reading for class or catch up on some work because I had to go to class.  On good days, I get to go and have a drink with some friends.

But thinking about this made me wonder, do others have a vulnerable time in their day?  If I ask you something in the morning can I get what I want from you?  What about at night?  I've found that a lot of people are vulnerable during twilight hours and the transition between day and night.

Anyway, if you want something from me... hit me up around 10pm and you'll probably get a little lucky.

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Anonymous said...

Any time pre-10am. I'm a half-functioning human being in the mornings. Which means that for the first 4 hours I'm awake(for a non-morning person, I get up at unGodly hours), I'm pretty much contributing the minimal amount possible.