Wednesday, July 7, 2010


My mom commented to me the other day that I'm just talking about drinking and the weather lately.  I suppose this is true. But I have to wonder (especially because I am a student of econometrics) is the drinking and weather just a correlation or is it a causal relationship (ok enough nerdiness for this post).

Let me catch you up on my Twitter updates (you've been following me there right?) regarding the heat.

My tweets on the weather (if you're not up on the twitter lingo... let me know and I'll give you a quick tour):
  1. It is so hot out that when I asked if Rockne wanted to go on a hike (4 miles), I'm pretty sure he gave me the finger.
  2. Discontinue use of blankets and space heayers RT @TheOnion: Put out any fires in your home to reduce heat. #KeepCool
  3. RT @chucktodd: How about #sweatmageddon? RT @OnOahu: @chucktodd oh no... are we going to have to start reading #Sunmageddon tweets???
  4. RT @chucktodd: RT @monkeyXplosion: @chucktodd A few more days of this and #stankmageddon will do.
  5. I think it is time for #needindustrialstrengthdeoderantmageddon
  6. For the record, it is 104 right now, plus heat index. I do think industrial strength deodorant is a must. Not quite #sweatmageddon    
The real issue is this heat is awful.  I thought snowmageddon was bad... but is this worse? I venture to say no because I can still tolerate going outside in this weather (hence Rockne giving me the finger). I suppose this is up for debate. (Check out this blog post from the Capital Weather Gang:  

My answer to my  mom is... when it is this hot.. why not drink?


telisa said...

agreed the heat is SO much worse. at least during the snow there was 1. snow 2. no work 3. not very cold 4. pub crawl. right now all i got is a pile of sweat and a fear of going outside.

Amy O'Connor said...

I almost forgot about the pub crawl and the guy who gave me hives. Ahhh... memories