Sunday, July 18, 2010

Soldier Dance Offs

Apparently there is a new trend sweeping armies across the land... and it is dancing.  I get it, you're deployed for a long time, bored, you need to find ways to entertain yourself.  This was first brought to my attention with an article on YouTube discussing / rebuking the following maneuvers.

Israeli Dance (you may have to fast forward... get to 43 seconds in).

Then I heard about some American soldiers dancing to Lady Gaga.  And trust me.. you'll want to watch this. Now I know when happens when you let a bunch of men hang out and introduce them to Lady Gaga. (I'm just waiting for a bunch of people to do to Single Ladies Dance).

I figured this couldn't be a new phenomenon. So with a little research.. the Russians.

So my question is.. did you enjoy them?  Which one if your favorite? And is what the Israeli's did really as bad as they say?

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