Saturday, July 17, 2010

Indy 500

I drove out to Indianapolis for the Indianapolis 500 a few weeks ago. I knew it was going to be an interesting trip when my friend got excited about seeing a cow. He was from the Bronx... Cows are not common there. This was going to be an interesting weekend.

To begin with, we went to my favorite watering hole - Bourbon Street Distillery. I had pulled pork (naturally). It was delicious. My friend couldn't believe how cheap beer was. Cheap beer - now that is a reason to miss Indiana.

We then went to Carb Day. Wow, was it fun. We bought cheap beer in cubes (that is a thirty pack for those of you who prefer good beer). The best story of the day was when my friend (who is a fairly large guy) and my brother were asked for a can of Stroh's. In return, they got to slap a guy across the face. My friend went first (not really sure what to do since the guy was traveling with a big group) lightly slapped him. He was mocked and told to really do it. Wham! Right across the face. My brother was next. He wasn't taking any chances. He would up, slapped the guy and continued to follow thru. Wow. That is commitment.

I returned at that exact moment. Thankfully... No one tried to slap them back. Next time I won't leave them unsupervised.

Did I mention I saw a guy with a great tramp stamp? Check it out.

The 500 was eventful as usual. But it was even better with a police escort into the track. AMAZING.

Plan on joining me there next year.


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Last Saturday at my building's pool party, there was a guy with a beer gut and...wait for it...a SUN TATTOO AROUND HIS BELLY BUTTON. Cannot make this sh*t up.