Saturday, June 26, 2010


I am stalking David Axelrod in airport. He is sitting next to me with his secret service detail. The real question is... Is he going to Indianapolis on my plane? I can't imagine why he would. I am guessing he is heading to New York instead. I am tempted to ask him about the Afghanistan scandal. He is carrying about 9 newspapers under his arm. I bet he is reading how the firing is playing in the media.

Update: He is just standing at the door to get on plane. I think he is going to New York. Go figure. Hmmm... I am wondering why he is going to NY.

Interesting: They let him get on before any other passengers. I wonder if I'll be a high roller like that someday?

In unrelated news... A three year old is throwing a fit next to me. About ready to discipline him since his parents aren't doing anything (except drinking a beer... Did I mention it is 7:30am?). For now, I am resorting to curt glance and judgmental stares.

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