Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm an Aunt!!!

My brother is a father.

Yes... It was shocking to me too.

He always talked about being responsible (he owns a house and likes to keep it clean... Still a shock to my mom and I). And that he wanted more in life... But fatherhood? To each his own.

Last weekend (during my kickball tournament) he kept calling. So I called him back after my victory.

He was doing it. He was committing. He was adopting a dog.

I was so proud.

My mom (rightfully so) would question him on things like... Do you really have enough time? I would do things like say... What toys did you get?

He was calling to ask my opinion on various dogs he was sizing up. Check out the picture below.

So adorable. She looks like Rockne's sister. I can't wait until the cousins meet.

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