Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I think you need a beer for this.

It is unseasonably hot and muggy in DC. I am talking 80 and swampy at 5am. Imagine what it is like at 5pm. Can you? Well let me tell you if you can't.

At 5pm, as I leave work and trek to school, it is about 98 degrees. The air is so think it is hard to breathe. The sun hits you and you can feel your skin burning under your clothes. If you walk more than half a block (and I am not exaggerating), you need to reapply your deodorant because you are hot and sweaty (and not in a good way).

Anyway. I usually try to walk the just over 2 miles to school. But it was too hot and I had a friend with me. We rode the bus (which required us to walk a total of 4 blocks instead on 23). It was traumatic, so when I got to school, I bought a six pack, texted my friends, and then proceeded to have a beer before class.

It is not too unusual for me to grab a beer before class. Think about it, you've been working since 7am. It is hot. You are facing hours of Econometrics. What would you do? I thought so.

Unfortunately, this is the first time I've had the luxury to grab a beer before class in the summer. I will need to work on that.

Ironically, I sit in class and the professor goes. "This is complicated nd I just need you to open your minds and accept a few things as fact. I should have brought beer to class or told you to have one before you came."


My friends and I felt like we were getting away with something scandalous. We giggled like we snuck some contraband into a movie. In reality, we're all in our upper-20's / lower 30's and old enough to drink when we please.

PS - the professor was right, it was a good idea to have a beer before class.

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