Thursday, May 13, 2010

I have to ask

Am I a mean person?

Generally, I enjoy kids (when they aren't babies and can interact with me). However, I don't like kids on planes. Sorry, that is just the deal.

Unfortunately, my parents live in Orlando and I dread visiting them. Not them per se, but the wretched flight down.

Imagine being on a plane full of children on their way to Disney World. Excited (kicking the seat behind me), talkative (can't wait to see Mickey), and hanging out with parents who aren't used to parenting (working parents should consider traveling with their nanny so someone is along that can control the kids).

One time a working mom was with her son next to me and the husband in front (middle seat - don't judge they never asked me to switch, but I probably would not have given up the aisle for a middle). I should have known there was a problem when the mom was on blackberry until the door shut. Beverage service included her husband ordering her not one but two screwdrivers. Little did I know the damn kid would knock them all over the mom and me. The sacrifices I make.

Anyway, I was traveling to visit my parents this morning and I got to my seat. A family took it over. A mother, father and yes toddler. Oh jeez I thought. The dad goes, do you mind switching, my seat it just in front. This is a set-up. No matter what I do I am screwed. I can say no (being a complete bitch) and have to sit next to the toddler or I can say yes and have the toddler kicking my chair the whole way down. Please tell me why parents don't put a little Benedryl in the juice before flying? The child kicked. The whole way down. Did I mention it was an early morning flight?

This begs the question, am I an evil person? Why can't I stand children? Is it because I don't have any? I actually like playing with them - Aunt Amy is loads of fun.


telisa said...

no you were being very nice switching with them in the first place. they should've been watching the kid and told him not to kick the seat...i hate kids 60% of the time too...actually i just hate the parents....

Lisa said...

Saw this article today and knew you'd appreciate it: