Monday, May 10, 2010

Brunch Date

Ok... I have to admit that I kinda sorta tried eHarmony on a dare and the first few dates didn't go so well. One step forward and two steps (more like giant freakin' leaps) back.

As most of you know, I enjoy sports, not just a little (although my family would disagree and say that I like sports a little... But that is in comparison to them and they are beyond anyone else I know. More on this later) but a lot (at least in comparison to the people out east (pansies).


I went out on a brunch date with this guy.  I knew he didn't like sports, but my friend liked him (the one I delegated responsibility to) because he was kind of a dork.  I don't judge that, I embrace that.  Here is how the brunch went (for the record, he asked for brunch at one, so I budgeted two hours for brunch at one... not five. I am a busy person and I have studying to do).

I met him for brunch, he was late because of traffic, no big deal.  We talked, he didn't understand why I wasn't dating five different guys (bad move, make me feel like a loser because I wasn't dating five guys).  We caught up on our weekends (more me, because he said he doesn't like to talk much, he more likes to listen - ALERT ALERT ALERT).  His was spent going to a Native American play on racial discrimination and at art gallery opening.  Mine.... kickball, flip cup tournament, then I cooked an eight course dinner for a beer pairing.  Mine social... his...not so much. 

He didn't like sports.  The ONLY thing he listens to on his ipod are NPR webcasts (only in DC).  He then walked me home and I asked if he thought of moving closer into the city.  He said, yes.  I've been looking in Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights, but that Columbia Heights would be too far away from me in Dupont so Adams Morgan (BARF).

After the last comment I wanted to run... no sprint away.  Fortunately, I was home and I went inside to write my paper.

This was the worst date.  The others haven't been as bad, but all I have to say is WOW - this may be a fun journey.

1 comment:

A. Lising said...

"Native American play on racial discrimination", "art gallery opening" and "NPR webcasts"

My opinion? Either
a) this guy is a douche; or
b) He's lying in a failed attempt to impress.

On second thought, even if it is (b), (a) still holds true. :)