Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reasons to appreciate the west

I like the west. I enjoy being in a place where it is a bit more laid back. Where people may say good morning to you.

I spent the week in Arizona and it was fabulous. I also really enjoy Colorado and Nevada (can we say Vegas!?!). I am not sure if it is the weather or the ability to do so many things outside or the mexican food, but I love it.

I a hoping that I get to move out west sometime in my life. I've lived in the midwest and on the east coast and I figure it is about time to give the west a try.

Can you imagine a place where you can go hiking in the red rocks of Sedona one weekend and white water rafting the next? doesn't that sound glorious?

It does to me. The real question, where to go? Arizona? Colorado? The opportunities are endless. Oh yeah... There is that whole job thing too. I wonder if there is a lot of demand for someone who studies politics and economics for a living?

Did I mention that there are stars out here?  and I don't mean one star... I mean STARS.  I miss stars.  In DC all I get is the glow of the city reflecting back upon me.  Here, you actually need to use headlights to get around town.  It is glorious!

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Lindsay said...

move to Arizona, cause then when I'm home to visit my parents I can see you too. Hope you enjoyed the trip! Oh and Cali is nice too, lots of outdoor stuff to do and you can throw in ocean recreaction.