Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Have you ever heard of a bull shot?

I just recently heard of it one night when I starred at a bar tender making what I have to assume is the worlds worst drink.

Are you ready for this... It is beef broth and vodka topped off with olives and onions.

Yes let's try not the throw up while picturing this.

I watched in awe as a bartender poured a healthy amount of vodka into a pint glass, then he poured a can on the cheap Campbell's beef broth, shook it over ice until it was nice and frothy. The put the olives and onions in.

My friend and I were stunned. We watching the bartender take the drink all the way down the bar (and were taking bets on who it would go to) and he handed it to a tigress (old cougar) with a lot of plastic surgery (she made Joan Rivers look natural).

Because I am me, I said something to the bartender (good news, he was just as grossed out by it as we were). He also informed me that they have a bloody bull shot (with bloody mary mix). Now that is Old School!!!!

After watching this, I began to wonder if living on bull shots is sustainable? And if so, what else can I make that would both feed me and keep me tipsy... I was thinking a tortilla soup with tequila or tomato bisque with Absolut Pepper. Hmmm... Sounds like I have a new dinner idea.

But can we have a collective eww for the bull shot. If anyone of my lurkers out there wants to try it, I will personally buy it for you, with the caveat that you must do a guest blog entry sharing your experience and the weird looks you get... Oh yeah... You have to finish the whole pint glass.

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CW said...

That sounds effing terrible.