Sunday, February 28, 2010


I went hiking yesterday and I am sore.   The day started out wonderfully.  I went to my favorite Italian grocery store and bought a sandwich for the hike (the sandwich was phenomenal). 

I went to Great Falls National Park (the Maryland side) with some friends and Rockne.  I just calculated the distance we hiked and it was over 7 miles of rugged and snowy terrain.  Needless to say, I am sore today.

The day was amazing.  It wasn't too crowded, too cold, or too  slippery.  There was a dececnt amount of snow around and if we were walking on the main path, it felt as if we were walking in wet sand.  Once off the main canal path, it was perfect.  I let Rockne off of the leash and he was, shockingly, a fantstic navigator.  He figured out all of the detours and only got distracted by a squirrel a few times (this was our entertainment). 

The only hiccup of the day occured when we were pseudo lost and when I ran into a tree (only I could pull off this feat, because the tree was about 8 inches across and somehow I managed to nail myself right in the head). 

We got home, all showered (including Rockne) and I made risotto.  It was the perfect end to the day.

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