Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tequila Faries... Seriously Not Nice People

Have you ever noticed, that after a night of enjoying Margarita's or sipping on some tequila, that the Tequila Faries will come and visit you at night?

No matter if I have tequila after drinking all night, or have one margarita, they come and visit me and make me do stupid things the next day.

Symptoms that you've been visited by the tequila faries:
  1. Dreams that make you think you were on something... something illegal, something unexplainable. You know this is true when you wake up in a cold sweat going... "What the F?"
  2. You wake up the next day, feel very uncoordinated, and drop your keys inside your door as it is closing and then your locked out of your house for hours (in less than appropriate clothing) and are forced to hang out with the homeless and your dog most of the day. - OH WAIT... that only happend to me once.
  3. You wake up the next day feeling happy, then mad, then confused and then you look around your bedroom to make sure you didn't do anything stupid the night before.

What are some other symptoms of the tequila faries? I know that they have some to visit you.

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