Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rockne is my hero

I'm not talkin about the human Knute Rockne... I'm talking about my dog Rockne. I was on my computer and organizing my life for football season. I was going through songs on my computer when the ND fight song began.

It was then.... that I realized my dog was one of a kind.

Rockne was laying on the floor, I put on the music... all of a sudden his tail started wagging... then it was wagging faster and to the beat of the song. I love it. Then, when we hit a good part of the song, he jumped up and started to get excited.

Yes folks... only 24 more days until kickoff. 24 more days until no one judges me for drinking at beer at 10am on a Saturday. Only 24 ore days until the best season of the year... football season.

I am so excited... I can hardly contain myself. I love football season, and apparently so does Rockne. I think he's counting down the days until he gets to wear his Notre Dame collar again.

Go Irish!

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