Thursday, August 6, 2009

Culinary Adventures

A few weeks ago, I embaked on Cajun adventure. In a few weeks, I have a Jamaican adventure planned. The scenario is as follows... I find a cuisine that I'd like to attempt to cook, my friends and I get together. Everyone is responsible to bring componets of the meal (e.g. onions, chicken, spices, etc). We then get together and make the dinner together. Let's not forget the drinks... because just like the food, there are drinks to accompany the dinner.

Here are my thoughts for upcoming dinners, either fortuately or unfortunately I have a lot of ideas... now I just need a schedule:

  1. Cajun and Beer - Done

  2. Jamaica and Rum - Scheduled

  3. Retro Americana and Lager

  4. Fondue and Wine

  5. Mexican and Tequila (Guava Jalapeno Margarita)

  6. Southern Italian and Wine

  7. Hungarian / Russian and Vodka

  8. Peruvian / Argentinian / Chilean and Piso

  9. Egyptian

  10. Malyasian

  11. Cuban and Mojitos

  12. Northern Italian

  13. Portugese and Wine

  14. French and Wine

  15. Spanish and Sagria

  16. Southern and Bourbon

  17. Greek

  18. Californian and Martinis

  19. Belgian
  20. Classic Midwest and Budweiser

If you have any other suggestions, let me know. Otherwise, I am going to rock n' roll and plan away. Hope you can make it.

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Anonymous said...

I think Lebanese is better than Egyptian!