Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hygiene Please

I was on the metro the other day and I saw something ghastly, something inexcusable, something astonishing, yet... I couldn't bring myself to look away. Times are hard on the DC metro recently, especially on the red line (since they're still coping with the aftermath of the tragedy), but like all good Washingtonians, we suck it up, squeeze together and get through it together.

But then you add in the tourists. Tourists who have been out sightseeing all day long, in the DC heat and humidity. Tourists who have been sweating (and quite frankly smell lovely). It is hot in DC and I'll be the first to admit that when you walk down to the metro it is hot... even if you take every precaution, you'll sweat, but then you'll get on the metro and because there are so many people, you'll sweat. Regardless, what I'm about to tell you... is well... just scary.

I am jumping on the metro, heading home before school and a family gets on. I strategically place myself on the side (next to the door that I'll be exiting in two stops). Thankfully the front car doesn't fill up at Metro Center... phew... we all have some breathing room. Well the family, with three kids is moving around. The patriarch of the family is trying to be nice and he reaches up for the bar on the ceiling, rather than the bar in front of him... OH NO He didn't!

When he made this move... his armpit hair was popping out of his shirt, and it wasn't a little. He was wearing a standard t-shirt and I think the only logical explanation was that an animal died in there because it was so hairy... I mean really really hairy. It doesn't really matter to me if men want to shave their chests, back, legs (ok... this one is still a bit weird) but at some point in time... I think that we can all agree when you get an animal under your arm... you should do something about it.

So in an attempt to avery my eyes I looked away and made eye contact with the guy next to me. I could tell by the look on his face he was just as astonished and we both laughed.

Honestly people... Hygiene Please.

Lesson Learned: Pay attention to your hygiene, if an animal starts growing under your arms, kill it!

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