Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rockne's Mid-Life Crisis

I think my dog is going through a mid-life crisis... well maybe not quite a mid-life crisis yet. Rockne, for those of you who don't know, Rockne is about 3.5 years old, but he looks like a distinguished older man. Anyway, he is becoming grumpy.

He had a breakdown the other day when his nemesis, Cal, was prancing around our patio without a leash. I was taking Rockne on his morning walk and when we came around the corner he went ballistic. He was half barking, crying, howling, and he was frantic. Then a squirrel came up to us. It wasn't a normal squirrel, it was one of the crazy black ones. Well about this time I thought it was all over. Rockne was pulling ferociously on his leash, and his pinch collar was making him cry even more.

This is not the best way to start a morning. I think he is becoming more grouchy... and not just with squirrels and his nemesis (his nemesis by the way is a 90lb pit bull... not something I enjoy running at me in the morning either, so I can't completely blame Rockne for freaking out). He barked / growled at my neighbor the other day. Not that I can blame him, I want to growl at her most of the time. No kidding... I do my best to completely avoid her, I try to never go in the hall when I think she might be there. I tell my visitors to avoid her... it is bad. Maybe Rockne isn't so much going through a mid-life crisis, but just trying to protect me.

What a sweetheart. You go Rock!

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