Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lessons Learned - Crossing the Street

Lesson learned while typing on my blackberry... Best to stop typing and make sure you have the right of way before you start to cross the street. Two close calls... I'm racking this one up to being just part of my charm.

What I am confused about, however, is that I started documenting my lessons learned as a way for me to gain self awareness (and others to learn from my experiences) yet somehow I feel the innate need to confirm some of these lessons more than once. I promise to work on that, especially since I list learning agility as a particular strength of mine.


Rosey said...

I forgot to tell you today.... I pulled an Amy and totally got my heel stuck in the elevator door today. Luckily it only was for a few seconds, but sheesh. Just call it Grace.

And PS, if you ever have a girl, you can't name her Grace. If she inherits your "abilities" it makes the teasing too easy.

Amy O'Connor said...

Grace is a good name... especially since karma could give her good luck.