Thursday, June 4, 2009

Catch Phrase - Plan Well, Execute Flawlessly

In my class my professor is focused on execution, and execution being the cornerstone of success, even if it isn't glamorous. While I agree, I also believe that 30 minutes of thinking (planning) can eliminate 8 hours of work (because you don't have a good plan). Consequently one of my catch phrases is "Plan Well, Execute Flawlessly".

The sentiment behind this is simple. Don't just have a lot of action without a roadmap. However the implementation of this is not simple. I've found that a lot of people think that they "plan" but they don't really do so. Perhaps I'd be accused of overplanning, but I think the most efficient people have strategically thought out their day, chosen one major item to accomplish and then feverishly worked towards that goal.

Being a "modern woman" I often feel the pressure to be everything to everyone, and I know that this is not only impossible, but unhealthy. Part of the planning process for me is to define my space. Who am I? What do I stand for? What do I hope to accomplish? If I didn't define my space and say the dirtiest word in the English language a lot... (it is not a four-letter word, it is NO), then I don't feel like I could have accomplished anything.

This works for my work, academic, and social life because it is a balancing game for me. Think about it... what would happen if you planned well and said no occassionally? Would your life be less stressful?

A note to all my friends who will say, but Amy... you have to be flexible... I AGREE with you! To me a plan and time spent thinking doesn't include a minute by minute play of your life. It should provide a roadmap, but as we all know, sometimes it is better to get off the road, check out a fun venue advertised by a billboard, or just avoid the congestion and traffic. That is part of the fun, just remember you usually end up at the same destination (and that's what thinking / planning is all about).

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