Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Obsession - Crunchy Spicy Scallop Sushi

Can you say crunchy spicy scallop sushi three times fast? How about when you've have a beer or two? I bet not. For anyone who has had sushi with me, you know that this is my favorite variety, let me tell the rest of you why.

  1. I like the textural contrast of the crunch. It provides a little hmmm... what is that to the sushi.

  2. Scallops are one of my favorite shellfish, so why wouldn't it make a great sushi. It is similar to salmon... a bit of creamy texture.

  3. The spice... everything is better with a little heat (I agree with my food mentor... Bobby Flay on this point).

So my new obsession isn't with the roll itself, since a lot of people know about my love for the scallop sushi, rather it is converting others to loving the roll. So far I'm up to three people solidly converting. To the point when we eat, I usually have to get two rolls now because one just isn't enough to split.

Is anyone else up for the challenge? What is your favorite roll? Honerable mention is still up for grabs, but it is doubtful that anyone can takeover my crunchy spicy scallop roll.

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