Friday, February 27, 2009


Friend: did I tell you, (gasp) I am getting a perm

Friend: that sounds AWFUL, but I don't think it'll belike 80s perm

Amy: wait... hold on... can't stop laughing

Friend: I actually would like to not use the term 'perm'

Amy: I know what you're talking about

Amy: i was thinking about the other day too, actually

Friend: thinking about what?

Friend: getting a perm?!? : )

Amy: but then i quickly dismissed it (mental image of me looking like shirley temple)

Friend: hahaha

Friend: I've been thinking about it awhile--and as I need a haircut, I thought I would get one, if it sucks, just cut it off

Friend: I need a change, you know?

Amy: understandable... but you have to send me a picture of the deal (especially because in my head I'm thinking Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell)

Amy: my hair was as long as yours and I just chopped it off one day

Amy: Change! is good!

Amy: Yes you can!

Friend: please spare me the political BS : )

Friend: but yes, if it's at all Jessie Spano I'm chopping it

Amy: before you cut it off, please take a picture in leg warmers and a sweat band


Anonymous said...

I am never IM'ing with you ever again.

Rosey said...

I have been dreaming of a Bodywave for a while now. I need "Friend" to be my guinea pig so I can see what happens. I also need "Friend" to help me buy jeans, but that's beside the point. :-)

Amy O'Connor said...

Love you "Friend"... I actually think it will look good on you since you always curl your hair. You must remember that I am just very very random and things pop into my head and I can't get them out.