Friday, February 27, 2009

Maryland Wine Tour... OR NOT!

In an effort to support my friend Kate, I went to the Project Honduras service fair last night. I am not 100% sure what Project Honduras... so please correct me if I'm wrong. But esentially some benevolent GPPIers (Georgetown Public Policy Institue Students) will be traveling down to an island in Honduras to provide needed services to the community. This all happens over spring break. Note: I will be headed down to Florida to visit my parents, sleep, and perhaps even go to the beach or go golfing. So since I'm not participating in a service event for spring break, i decided to support those going by bidding on some items at the service fair (where the projec thoeps to raise money for the trip).

My strategy: bid on the items Kate put forth in the silent auction and then some of the fun... larger items in the regualr auction.

Digression: I had my eye on several items in the regular auction like a visit to the "Situation Room with Wold Blitzer" or lunch with some prominent economists. But I ended up winning the bid for a handy man. I paid $70 for 5 hours of work (yes he is a licensed contractor). I think I got such a good deal because most of the people are students and don't have houses. In the brochure he said he could patch drywall, paint, etc... Little does he know what he's getting into. I have holes in my ceiling and walls. So I'm feeling like I made out like a bandit!!!

The real action, however, was happening in the silent auction. I knew that Kate had put forth a tour of Maryland wine country and wanted me to bid on it so that she didn't have random people in her car and so that we could have a blast. But things did not go according to plan...

I was playing my part and bidding up the wine tour so the project could make more money. But someone was villigent. Meanwhile, Kate was commenting that no one was bidding on her John Wilkes Booth tour (John Wilkes Booth tour... really?!?). So she said that if I bid on it, then she'd take me on a wine tour instead (clearly she knows me well, not so much a John Wilkes Booth girl, but a wine girl!)

So I, abiding by our gentleman's agreement, bid on the John Wilkes Booth tour. Then Kate betrayed me (well... let's not be too dramatic). She wrote on the bid sheet "+ wine tour" so that more people would bid on it and it would cost me more money. The peril! In her defense she was trying to raise money for a good cause.

Moral of the story: Kate is stuck taking around two random groups on wine tours plus I will have to guilt her in to taking me on one was well!!!!

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