Saturday, July 3, 2010


Can you imagine that I went through a whole season of kickball and didn't blog about it? Oops. Let me see what I can do to catch you up.

Well my kickball team wasn't very good. We had our moments. We slugged through the hot, muggy Saturday afternoons playing kick ball and then drinking beer (we were much better at the beer part).

We have these people on my team called poptarts. I did not coin the phrase, but I love it. The competitive women on the team didn't appreciate it when girls were just there to pick up men. Hello ladies... This is a sporting event... Not speed dating.

Anyway... It provided a source of entertainment. Especially because I saw them ask for a date only to be rejected. Sorry... Don't mean to be spiteful but sometimes it is just fun.

Another thing we did (too much of if you ask me) is play pants down flip cup. I won't describe it... You can guess.

I think I'll miss my kickball team (well the ones who weren't poptarts). Our captains are retiring and I am determined to keep it going.

FYI to all my readers... Tryouts for the team will begin in March. You will be judged on the following criteria:
1 - must understand the rules of baseball
2 - must not be afraid of balls flying in your face
3 - must love beer
4 - must have at least a competitive bone in your body
5 - must be good at flip cup
6 - must have a decent sense of time. If game starts at one... Showing up at 1:45 is not a good idea.
7 - must not take self too seriously

And yes... I am recruiting all of you because I think I can build a winning team.


L J said...

So...I was sort of thinking of joining a kickball team as a way to meet people...more to find friends in a new city, but now I'm afraid after this post. certainly don't want to be a "poptart" Lindsay

CW said...

I may have convinced a friend of mine to join said team yesterday. They played on one of our rivals, but they weren't fans of their squad. More info as it becomes available.