Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wizards / Pacers Game

I went to the Wizards - Pacers Game last night with some friends.  I was cheering for the Pacers (everyone else was cheering for the Wizards). Unfortunately the Pacers lost in the last seconds 98-97.

I went to the Pacers game last week and sat courtside. Why I was there (is a completely different story) but what I learned is that I like two of the Pacers. 

One... Troy Murphy (#3) from the University of Notre Dame.  I remember watching him play when I was a student at Notre Dame.  I also remember the night that he was at a bar and it was busted by the cops... All I remember is him climbing up a air conditioner vent.

The bonus was my new favorite Pacer... Josh McRoberts (#32).  He went to Duke (I judge a little bit).  But he was pretty (and I judge myself).

I will have to go to more NBA games next season.

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