Sunday, April 25, 2010

Package of Doom

I was minding my own business and coming home from a long day. I was greeted by Rockne is the normal style (at the top of the stairs... Tail wagging). I quickly put on his leash so we could go for a walk.

For those of you who haven't been to my place, I have a communal entrance in my town house. There are five units that share a hallway.

Anyway, I come to exit and I open the front door. Rockne, as usual, rushes out to make sure that there are no squirrels ready to attack me (he is a superb squirrel hunter).

I, However, cannot open the damn door. In the three minutes I was home the FedEx man put a box in the corner (for my evil neighbor... Go figure). I could only open the door enough for Rockne to squeeze out and for my arm to bend in an odd way.

Damn it. I am stuck in my hallway with my arm out the door and Rockne fighting squirrels.

What did I do? I yelled at someone on the street to come and rescue me (I know real classy!).

Unfortunately, Rockne barked at the first three people who tried to help (he was just being protective. But honestly... I wish he were a bit more of a pushover sometimes).

So I waited. Fortunately a neighbor (that he liked) came home soon. They let me out.

My shoulder still hurts.

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