Monday, April 19, 2010

Men who cross their legs

Something has been bothering me more lately and it is how men cross their legs. Before I begin, let me state that men crossing legs is acceptable behavior, but there are rules.

Rule 1 - You must leave space when crossing you legs. If you are tightly wound up, then it doesn't look good.... Good for anyone. I'm going to call rule one the breathing room rule.

Rule 2 - if you allow proper breathing room (like men should and women shouldn't) and you want to cross your legs, please wear pants. Shorts are generally not acceptable, especially if you're wearing boxers. We can negotiate if you wear other underwear.

Rule 3 - if you're going to cross your legs, you should lean back and relax. If you lean forward while crossing your legs (and leaving appropriate breathing room). You look like a contortionist or like a male gymnast. I don't think this is the look you're going for.

So to all then men out there... If you cross your legs, please follow my simple rules and then life will as it should.

1 comment:

telisa said...

haha i like how Rule #1 should not apply to women and I'd also like to add Rule # 4 if you do all of the above great, however do not sprawl out so much that you're taking up all the room in the seat next to you. those guys irritate me as much as the pole leaners......i hate the metro....