Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lesson Learned: Evil Massages

So you have a stressful week and your back is full of knots, what do you do?  Well, I usually say stuff happens, and go about my life. 

During dinner on Saturday night and while playing Wii on Sunday with some friends, I had this knot in my back that I kept trying to work out because I couldn't turn my neck that way and frankly... it hurt.  My friends kept giving me weird looks (until I explained) and then they just kept laughing at me... because... well I'm me.

So last night I decided to do something about it when I got home.  I went to go get a massage and learned that massages are evil.  You might ask yourself, evil good? or evil bad?

Evil good - A massage that is so amazing you go broke because you become addicted and continually go back for your "fix".

Evil bad - My experience (this only happens to me).

I found a great deal in my neighborhood ($60 for  60 minute massage) and decided to go for it.  It said a reflexology massage...oooo I thought... fancy. I've never had a reflexology massage; in fact, I've only had 3 massages in my life (that I can think of). 

The night was full of anticipation. I was looking forward to the relief of being able to turn my head without pain.  I was looking forward to relaxing for a little. 

The massage was... good... not great, but it did the job and for $60, I couldn't complain.  But then I woke up this morning, and I have a wicked bruise on the base on my skull. 

First of all, who does that happen to?  I know I bruise easily, but who goes into get a massage and ends up with a bruise? 

Second of all, the bruise really really really hurts.  I think it hurts more than my original knot (which for the record is gone... for now). 

Lesson Learned: When if doubt, don't be cheap;even massages can be evil and take their revenge the next morning, just like cheap Mexican food after a night of drinking.


Anna said...

Oh, Ames...that sucks! Seriously, though, it can only happen to you.

Definitely never scrimp on a massage. They can mess you up for life!

Amy said...

Sometimes life is just too ironic