Monday, January 25, 2010

All it took was a Mary Poppins Moment to Bring Me BACK!

I admit that I have been negligent for a long time. I would like to blame it on my hectic schedule (which is true) but mostly I think I was just tired. Well enough of that. I figure that I have a lot of things to share and that I can't just keep my absurd moments to myself.

For example, did you like Mary Poppins as a child? It was one of my favorite movies. There is a scene where Dick Van Dyke dances with penguins.

I felt like him this morning. I put on my standard ware... a dress, tights, and a sweater. The only problem was... the tights wanted to hang out by my knees and not on my waist.

I was walking Rockne and the started sliding a little, no big deal (I improperly figure), I'll just pull them up. So I adjusted and then went to work. By the time i got to work, my tights were almost to my knees and I was walking like a penguin. I am not sure if the "slippage" was visible to others, but it was on the edge.

Now I'm faced with a dilemma, do I take off the tights and go bare-legged in January (fortunately it is in the 50's today), or do I suffer thgrough because I am wearing knee high boots?

I think I'm going to suffer through, but I'll update you later.

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