Monday, July 27, 2009

For the Record

I have 20 different types of beer in my fridge. This is progress. (Yes you can judge me now). The bad news is, I only have one or two bottles of each. The good news is that I am no longer living like a bachlor.

For a while I was living like a bachelor who never left his apartment. I had approximately 150 beers in my fridge, vodka in my freezer and little room or food. It was pathetic, yet glorious. So I had some friends over to polish off the beer. My surprising favorite was Xingu Black Beer. It was delicious. Now, I must admit, I'm living like a regular bachelor... one that gets out once and a while but still has a respectable 20 varietals of beer in his fridge.

Fortunately, I hang out with ladies who enjoy beer. Especially good beer. Perhaps this isn't a bachelor move, rather a move of a Modern Woman. I often joke that some people are wine connoisseurs yet I'm a beer connoisseur... I think this is something that the Modern Woman should embrace. Forget the fruity drinks, I think that there is nothing better than a cold lager and a football game.


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